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Nyborg Isle of Fionia "Adventurous Spirit" Peated 10yo, 59,9%. (Organic).
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Nyborg Isle of Fionia "Adventurous Spirit" Peated 10yo, 59,9%. (Organic).

Nose: Adventurous Spirit 10 Years Old whisky smells nice of peat smoke, empty tobacco boxes and old apple crates. You will also be able to sense a fruitiness and freshness in the whisky. With a little water, the fruitiness grows, and there is also room for a little lightly roasted caramel.

Taste: Intense and complex - and with a bit of smoke. The smoke is incredibly well integrated into the whisky, and the whisky must be characterised as light to medium-smoked. The tobacco notes are found again in the taste, and are accompanied by light notes of sweet fruit; a little apple here, and a little pear there.

Finish: Nutty and smoky, and quite slightly dry. With a little water, more fruit tastes and the smoke lightens a bit.

Note from the producers (Front Label):

"This is the first ever 10 year old whisky to come out of Nyborg Destilleri, and it is a truly unique jewel from our warehouse. It cannot be made again. Unpeated new make has matured in a superb peaty sherry puncheon from a famous distillery on Islay. This stuff is good.

The cask we have used for this whiskey has originally been a 500L sherry butt, which has been used to store Oloroso sherry on the Iberian Peninsula for at least 30 years. Since then, the dish has been sent to the island of Islay, on the west coast of Scotland, and at some point the cask has been converted into a "puncheon" of approx. 380L, before being filled with highly smoked whisky at one of Scotland's most famous distilleries on Islay.

We do not know how long the cask lay and enjoyed itself there in Scotland, but its fate would be to travel all the way to Denmark. A Danish wine and spirits company was allowed to buy both it and the whisky in it. They brought it to Silkeborg, where they sold the whisky. Niels Rømer heard about the empty cask and asked if he could buy it. And so the cask came from "Iberia" to "Islay" to "Isle of Fionia".

This is not a whiskey we will be able to recreate. The cask is unique. Its history and the maturation of whisky will be impossible to recreate".

Distilled November 2010
Bottled December 2020

Available Bottles. #224, #225, #226, #227, #228 and 229 of 298 Bottles.

Sherry Puncheon Matured.

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